Webshorts Archive

A Contractor in His Eyes

The Contractor and The OK Guy terrorize a homeowner in the finale of season two web shorts.

Ratdog of Decrepitude

Getting artistic in Sunnidale Park.

She Died Shorts Season 1 DVD Trailer

Part of Season 2 of our web shorts, this trailer previewed the release of the previous season of shorts to DVD which includes a sneak peek of exclusive never before seen footage only available on the DVD.

Operation: Illuminati Elimination

Down 'n dirty conspiracy theory time.

Personal Pain and Beyond (public service announcement)

A sequel to "Personal Pain" from season one.

Beautiful! (exclusive leaked photo shoot - behind the scenes))

Inside the world of recreational male modeling.

Poster Boy Pat Speaks Out

Patrick Lévèque talks about appearing in and being the poster boy for She Died Productions' no-budget zombie movie "Walking Among the Dead".

20 Years, Farmer Banane

The trials of an eccentric dairy farmer, documented in his own... words?

Bus Station Blues

Reb and Chi hangin' loose at the bus terminal. Just another day at the office.

Manuel LaBoure

Manuel learns a thing or two about workers' rights from the greaseball lawyer Mr. Kodjeeboats.

The Prophecy of Market Potential

They will love you!

Silent Hill Scarefest

Frightened nerd gets the new Silent Hill game in the mail.

Valente on the Brink

A strange twist of fate leaves us in awe...

Mike's Gym (rejected late night TV commercial)

Another in the She Died tradition of late night commercial parodies.

Nordern Dental

Canadian styles in dental practice.

Kitchen Hans: The Last of His Kind

Cooking up a virtual feast... with Hans.

Counsel of Love

Soap opera, She Died style.

The Creative Process

Mick and Ionas get into it after a file deletion fiasco.

She Killed, She Died

Eerie, right?

The Painting's On the Wall

The artist versus the critic.

She Died Season 2 Teaser

A taste of what was to come in Season 2 (2012) of She Died web shorts.

Joe's Cowboy Boots at Ribfest (rejected late night TV commercial)

Joe hits the road with Ribfest! The final episode of season 1 web shorts.

Ronnie & Cam: The Joy of Dance

A She Died improvisation.

Taso & the She-Dead

Taso has some trouble showing up for the Barrie premiere of Walking Among the Dead.

She Died News: Right on the Wrong Side

A local new human interest parody.

Phil Goes Dun Tun

Phil gets a lesson in jokes.

She Died: Exposed

The creative nadir of season one. Scraping the bottom of the the idea barrel.

Actor Mickey Cardoni bids for Young Rambo role

Some insight into Mickey Cardoni's Rambo obsession.

A Deadness in His Eyes

The O.K. guy faces off against the smoker.


Ionas fucks up his babysitting gig and pays with his mortal soul.

Leonard's Lair

The She Died boys track down the elusive Cousin Leonard at his mobile domicile.

The Contractor

The delicate art of home renovation consultancy.

She Died welcomes sunshine

Mick & Ionas celebrate the end of another soul crushing Canadian winter.

Not just any cologne commercial...

Taso's first time working with She Died since being a part of 'Walking Among the Dead".

Personal Pain (public service announcement)

She Died on the importance of facing ones demons, and what to do when that doesn't pan out.

Achille Cardoni promotes Michael Moone

Mick's dad weighs in on some deep concepts.

So long, Tu La Shé

Revenge is a dish best served ridiculous. The birth of a legend.

A Nice Day in the Neighbourhood

Two moronic neighbours banter in this repetitive stop-motion brain drill.

Joe's Cowboy Boots

A confused cowboy boot salesman bungles his way through a late night TV commercial. Our greatest short film success, an award winner at the Barrie Film Festival, and featured on Ain't It Cool News.

She Died: What We're All About

Mickey and Ionas of She Died Productions break the ice with the public in the first episode of Season 1 web shorts.